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Refer a Friend FAQs

Refer a Friend FAQs

How do I make sure that my friend’s purchase is tracked back to me?

We’re proud of the way we do this. We make sure you get paid no matter how they buy. (1) If they click on your referral link, we’ll store a cookie on their machine and if they purchase from that device within the next 30 days, we’ll know you referred them.  OR (2) If they input your referral code into the “promo code” box during checkout online or by phone we’ll know you referred them regardless of device.

What should I say when I share?

Here’s some examples of what people are saying:

  1. Hey Roy, you should consider using CARISON INVESTMENT. Use my code and we both get 10%. [paste link]
  2. Hey friends. I use CARISON INVESTMENT to sell products online and love it. Check it out. [paste link]
  3. CARISON INVESTMENT helps us sell online without inventory. The software and the people are amazing. [paste link]
  4. Debbie, lots of eBay sellers like you are building their business through CARISON INVESTMENT. I use it and recommend it. [paste link]

Who gets paid? Me or my boss?

You. This is an individual program. Rewards go straight to your email via PayPal every 28 days. You can see the email address we’ll send it to from within your “Refer a friend” page in your admin.

What’s the best way to share?

Anywhere. Just sharing your link. Social media is great, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever you socialize. Direct messages are great too, literally just sending an email to the people you think might be interested. You’re giving a gift, so why not.

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